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1 Hour

Deb’s Energy Alignment helps to shift thoughts and patterns which no longer serve you.

In a 1-hour integrated healing session, she will combine powerful healing techniques that incorporate clearing of unhelpful beliefs, past life programs, ancestral lineages, and more.

She will balance your chakras, and you will feel empowered with your energy directed to a positive outcome.


30 Minutes

A short, 30-minute check to bring you and your energies back into alignment. It’s a fast and effective way to reset your spiritual, emotional, and physical energies.

Be balanced, have more energy and feel more vibrant from within your core.


30 Minutes

This is a light, fun, interactive session to realign your children. It will help them sleep better, communicate better, work through stressful situations, and so much more.

This 30-minute integrated healing session is specifically designed for children from birth to 12 years of age.


1 Hour, 3 Sessions

Discover the emotions or energies from your past that are keeping you stuck, and release that’s blocking you from having a purposeful, beautiful, and powerful future.

In three 1-hour long integrated healing sessions, Deb will work with you to clear past life programs, balance your chakras, and attend to personal and family healing through ancestral reconnection.


1 Hour, 6 Sessions

This is your opportunity to change your life for the better as Deb will balance your chakras and work on altering family patterns that have been passed down for generations with a healing technique called Ancestral Lineage Clearing.

In six 1-hour integrated healing sessions, you will discover and deal with any emotions or energies from your past that are keeping you from living your best life now.


There are huge benefits to getting your home spiritually and energetically cleansed.

Maybe you have just moved in and want to refresh the energy to remove any lingering vibes. Or some of the rooms in your house make you feel nervous, or if you or your children don’t sleep well at night.

Perhaps you just don’t feel as comfortable as you should be when you’re at home. Deb can come to you, clear the energies, and make your house a happier home.