Deb’s work is built around the belief that there is always something to discover, as long as you are open to seeing it. She feels that every opportunity is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Sharing experiences is powerful. These are a few of many stories of her clients’ success.


Coaching with Deb has made me a better business owner, manager, and person.

She helped me realize that my mental health directly impacted my companies and that I need more than just a business coach to truly grow my businesses, her personal coaching was equally, if not more, important to my companies!

I’m so grateful that she gave me tools that I can refer back to and steps for continued growth. Working with Deb is the best investment I’ve made in myself.


Paula Brusky – Wisconsin USA April 2019

I am so grateful to Deb for the space that I am in both personally and professionally.

I started working with Deb doing personal coaching and this eventually also incorporated professional coaching as it became apparent that the two were merging.

Through Deb’s guidance I have had so many ‘aha’ moments, so much personal growth. My relationships feel more authentic now that I am able to be true to myself using the many tools that I learnt with Deb.

During my time with Deb I finally felt able to get back to what I love doing professionally, but more importantly I got back to loving me! If you are looking for an honest and authentic person to guide you, and bring out the true you, then I highly recommend Deb


Simona Ciabatti – Mt Maunganui February 2019

Working with Deb was life changing.

She helped me to dig deep and find what my real issues were so I could start my business work, from a clear slate in my personal life. The two areas are so intertwined, and I wasn’t able to move forward in my business life because I was stuck in some areas of my personal life.

We also worked on the “whole being”. Focusing on aspects of life from a personal perspective, the energy blocks, previous family history, and future goals. We looked at my business life too. Setting new goals to take my business to the next level.

She held me accountable, helped me with realistic steps to achieve those larger goals. Absolutely recommend working with her whether its personal, business, familial, or life in general!

Thank you Deb for everything!


Heidi Cocker – USA January 2019

If you are serious about finding your bliss, harnessing your potential and living your truth, then partnering with Deb for coaching is your one way ticket. When I had my free consultation with Deb I was in a grim place, I had been on the verge of having a breakdown for a few years and was feeling completely overwhelmed and grey. I was existing just to get through the day. After the free consulation I burst into tears of utter relief. I knew I had found the light at the end of the tunnel.

Deb was recommended to me by another holistic health professional and making the decision to partner with Deb for 6 months changed my life in ways that were unimaginable. I was accustomed to feeling I had an average, busy, not so great life and now I feel I have an extraordinary life, I am so in love with my life. I rediscovered the joy in my children, I fell in love with my husband again and I fell in love with myself. I have goals, I can manage my life efficiently and I have time back for me. I am excited about the future.

While working with Deb I discovered exactly what was holding me back and how to challenge and change it, permanently. I gained knowledge and accumulated tools that I will have forever. I cannot describe how essential the work that you will do with Deb is. Deb is an authentic, honest beautiful soul. Thank you so much Deb, I look forward to continuing our work into the future.


Tracy Kent – Wellington April 2018


It’s hard to put into words how different the mindset is now having completed my journey of coaching with Deb.

Although I will always be working on myself I can safely say Deb has given me some incredible tools to work with and every day I am noticing how much it has changed my life.

Previously I was stuck in a rut but couldn’t see that I was.  Now I have a different outlook on things even when the going gets tough I surprise myself with my optimism and positivity.

I am glad I faced my “demons” so to speak and now am in a better space and can be a better wife, mum, sister and daughter.”


Cheryl Comley – Wellington March 2018


I have been working with Deb for 9 months. The type of coaching she does is so different to anything else I’ve ever experienced. We have been coaching on a combination of both personal and business growth as well as energy healing. I believe it is this that gives her the edge in her coaching practice.

Once you realise its our past events and beliefs that shape who we are and how these events can have such a powerful effect on who we show up as deal with situations in our adult life, things become a lot easier!

Learning new tools to implement into my daily life and my business has been invaluable.

My businesses have grown a lot through my personal shifts and who I’m now being since starting with Deb.

Having weekly meetings and that extra person to be held accountable to is again invaluable.

I couldn’t imagine not working with Deb and intend continuing my coaching indefinitely.

The coaching has opened me up to a whole new level from where I was, to where I am now.

I have very different perspectives and therefore very different results. I am very grateful for her wisdom.


Joanna Burch – Mt Maunganui May 2018

I have been doing healing work with Deb for the past two months, and during that time it became quite clear to me that I was in the presence of a very highly evolved intuitive powerful healer!

The healing that has occurred as a result of her creating a space for us to both be in, has been filled with miracles, a-ha moments, and has supported me in the process of coming off a 7 year cycle of medication that I now no longer need. Deb knows herself inside and out, which means she knows how to get out of the way for healing to occur. She is one of the most in tune healers I have met, and she is spot on with her knowings.

The most important thing for me with healing is to feel safe, to know that the healer takes responsibility for themselves and is able to stay in the present moment with me, so as not to release any of their stuff into my energy field – she nails this part!! There is more to this woman than meets the eye, her Soul is Powerful, and has ancient wisdom beyond our earth years. Deb knows her stuff and I love our sessions together, I learn so much and see so much about me and ultimately the whole process helps me to be a better person, and more loving and kind towards myself and others. I am so grateful I have met this beautiful soul, and I feel so honored to be in her life.

Deb does not necessarily do anything to me, but she brings more of my expanded soul out, and shows me – ME! Ultimately she has assisted in my journey and will continue to assist me in my journey of love and I know loving yourself is one of the most powerful ways to be here on Earth….seriously good eh?

To finish off here, just go see her, make up your own mind, but this is one person you do not want to miss out on!!! Give her a call….if you take responsibility for yourself and know things are holding you back from being the most amazing you, then I highly recommend Deb.

Tanya McQueen – Mt Maunganui July 2017


Initially I found Deb through a friend. I knew I wanted a change in my life, to step up and actually start doing the things I had long wished and wanted to do, but was too scared of doing.

With a combination of her coaching and healing practices, Deb lead me through a journey of discovering me. This journey allowed me to release many old and deep beliefs (some I didn’t even know were there) which had been holding me back and start on the path away from the mundane, and into living my passion.

Sometimes breaking through my limitations was confronting, but with Deb’s guidance I was able to see that the ‘gold’ was just one step away from where the discomfort was.

Thank you Deb for bringing me to a place where I feel freer and clearer than I have ever felt before. I have more clarity and direction than I have ever felt my entire life.

You have also given me skills and knowledge I can take forward with me forever. Thank you.


S.K – Mt Maunganui June 2017

“The first time I saw a picture of Deb on her brochure, something about her clicked with me. I was wanting to try my first healing and my mind was made up right away.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first healing with Deb, I was 36 weeks pregnant and Deb was very accommodating to my needs. Everything that came up made sense and it wasn’t long after the healing when I realized that a dramatic shift that had taken place.
Going into the my second healing I had a better idea of what to expect. The outcome was pretty much immediate. I felt lighter, my head was clearer and I have been achieving things I’ve been trying to do for a while.
Deb is awesome. She has an amazing connection to what she does and I would highly recommend her. “


Lisa Edgecombe – Tauranga June 2017


From the moment you meet Deb (be it in person or via Skype) you instantly feel her peaceful, loving, calm and compassionate nature.

She heals from a place of pure love and compassion that makes you feel like you are truly being ‘heard’ from a deeper place.  A place that not many of us know how to listen to.

It’s hard to put into words just how phenomenal Deb is at healing, she has shined the light on the darkest corners and helped me have a shift in such a physical, mental and spiritual way from things I’d hidden so well even from myself.  Completely life changing breakthroughs that keep evolving as the days and weeks go by, like puzzles pieces shifting into place.  She also finishes each healing leaving you feeling like your being hugged by your angels.

Highly recommend getting a package deal as having the ability to keep the flow of healing really benefits the process.  Thanks again for the healing Deb, truly beautiful soul.  Will definitely be back.


Asher Putwain Harris – Te Aroha April 2017

Deb Griffiths is an efficient and intuitive healer who combines her many strengths to support the outcome you seek.

My expectations of what is possible in a session have been repeatedly exceeded and the dynamic changes I’ve been looking for have been created with total ease.

Her unique combination of modalities, apprenticeship and intuition make her one of the most powerful healers I have experienced to date. Highly recommended!

Tarryn Winson– Tauranga February 2017

Wow, what can I say about experiences with Deb as a healer.  In one word, incredible.

Booking a package deal with Deb was a great as I have had a three hearings close together.  With each healing I have had a breakthrough, some really significant life changing breakthroughs.  Deb is so intuitive and has really taken me to the next level, this in turn has made me really look at what I am doing and where I am operating from.

Combining coaching and healing together really does equal forward movement at speed.

Deb is gentle and I always feel very safe when I am with her, I open up with ease, thank you Deb for sharing your incredible gift with me, gratitude. X

Leanna Mitchell– Tauranga February 2017


I am hard to impress when it comes to bodywork and healing therapies, having spent near 13 years in that industry myself, and have also received mindset coaching to assist me in lifting my life to new heights.

I found Deb to be of super high integrity, kind, yet deeply effective in achieving fast and profound positive change. WELL worth any investment because she is the real deal, and can achieve the change for you.

Stef Crowley– Mt Maunganui  October 2016

I had a healing session with Deb Griffiths and I highly recommend it. If you haven’t experienced her energy healing yet, and you’ve got stuff to deal with, then Deb is great. It was fast, thorough and covered dimensions I hadn’t experienced in healing before. The width and depth is multi-dimensional.

I can honestly say I am already seeing big shifts in the way I have been showing up and interacting today and my point of attraction level has also shifted. I feel 1000% time better than I did when I walked in Deb’s door.

Not only did Deb identify and clear deep wounds in the session, she called a couple of hours later to see how I was getting on – which is something a lot of healers don’t do. Much gratitude to you for not only your healing but also your gracious wisdom. Thank you Deb. I know the healing will continue to do it’s magic.


Gaelene Adams Wood – Auckland December 2016

Thank you Deb Griffiths for the amazing workshop yesterday. Anyone looking at going in the future Deb makes a fantastic space to learn. Flowing constantly and effortlessly to make sure each person understands. Highly recommend going, will definately be attending future workshops. Also thank you for the phenomenal healing, just WOW! So much fell into place for me yesterday, thank you for the new understanding. Xx


Asher Putwain-Harris – Waikato December 2016


The leadership coaching I received from Deb has been unbelievable, I was a bit sceptical initially (having a science background and beliefs) but have been amazed at the results. Deb’s course helped me break free from the constant anxiety and fear that was preventing any enjoyment in my life.  I did not want to get up in the morning and each day was a real struggle.  If someone had told me six months ago that I would gain the freedom and excitement back in my life I wouldn’t have believed them for a second.  This coaching has done exactly that, now I jump out of bed every day with a big smile on my face, I have joy back in my life!  Thanks Deb.


Anita Taylor – Mt Maunganui October 2016

I have had some amazing treatments with Deb over the last few weeks. Deb has beautiful energy and I found her to be authentically caring and passionate about helping me have the transformation I was seeking. If you are looking for healing, clarity and personal or professional development, I highly recommend Deb!

Well done Deb Griffiths! Keep on being your extraordinary self. X


Kate Thomas – Tauranga November 2016

Deb, I want to acknowledge you for the outstanding mentoring you have given me over the past months. Through my personal challenges you have helped me to get clear. It hasn’t always been fun for me, but it has always been where the gold lies! Each healing session I have had with you has been right on the money with my body and what has been required. Loved the healing I had before heading off on a new international adventure – full of love, hope and mantras to keep me in a space of receiving all of that joy that I would on my break.

You truly provide awareness, clarity and freedom with your unique approach combining coaching and healing. Thank you.


Rochelle Price –  August 2016


I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first healing session with Deb, having never been to a healer before. However, her Soul power balance session proved to be unnervingly accurate, with regards to who I am, what drives me and where I am going.
I feel very grateful to have experienced healing with Deb. She not only confirmed that I am finally on the right path, with regards to my work and life, but also helped me to understand my healing requirements to assist me going forward.


Mike Inglis – Auckland – October 2016

Deb has for me enlightened an area of my spirit that was patiently waiting for me to be present to. Her natural, calm and intuitive capabilities have excited my abilities to do the same. I would recommend Deb as a guide in life, a woman of strength in an area that not many have the privilege to experience. If you wish to gain clarity in mind, body and soul, Deb has the mindset to set you forward in all aspects of life. Thanks Deb for an amazing ongoing experience!


Pip – Mt Maunganui – October 2016

I have experienced healing sessions with this incredible women and it was beyond amazing. I was relatively new to the healing experience and Deb put me at ease straight away in a safe and comfortable environment .
I can’t really explain the sensation that I felt apart from completely relaxed and at peace with the non-invasive process that the colour therapy delivers.Her analysis was spot on and I felt like I had had a deep tissue massage after it was complete.
I hope you too get the chance to experience Debs work as the true healer and the experience is beyond words of description


Dawn Kiddie – Mt Maunganui – September 2016


I knew the minute I met with Deb that I was going to come away from our first meeting having gained something positive. I went to Deb after some major life changes after trying different types of therapy and self help programmes with little success.
The main difference is in the ethos behind debs approach to life. Positivity, authenticity, balance, goals and self love and knowing what we are capable and deserving of love. I look forward to continuing my journey with Deb who I find calming, non judgemental, light and a beautiful soul.
I was amazed at how quickly the simple techniques and her ongoing support changed me so quickly.
Highly recommend for anyone!


Kellie – Mt Maunganui – July 2016

I started life coaching with Debs 5 weeks ago. I must say that I, and others around me have noticed a huge change in my motivation and mostly my positive attitude and outlook on life. So I am grateful for meeting Debs and being lucky enough to have experience her passion for life and sharing her experience and tools needed to make the huge difference in my life. I cant thank you enough.


Greg –  Tauranga – May 2015

Recently I had a kinesiology balance session with Deb. I have to admit I was a sceptic going into this and probably a little bit nervous about it. Deb is such a warm friendly approachable person who had a beautiful way of explaining how kinesiology works and what a balance would entail. The session was really lovely and relaxing. I walked out of there feeling so much lighter, more at ease and in flow. I feel like my mind, body and spirit has been clear of a lot of junk. I would definitely highly recommend that my clients, friends and family give a kinesiology session with Deb a try.


Louise – Massage Therapist – 2015

From outside looking in I was in control, but from inside looking out I was lost, confused and in a whirlwind. Without realising it, I was searching for answers through others, only to find the answers were right within myself. I was searching for motivation through others, only to find the motivation I needed was right there. Life coaching for me has opened my eyes and taught me how to slow down, appreciate the moment and learn what drives and motivates me. I have a learnt a lot about myself – strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes but most importantly my true values, I have learnt what makes me really TICK. I constantly ask myself one simple but effective question: How on a scale of 1 – 10 how does this effect you / is this important for you / where on the scale are you sitting right now? How can I change it so that my life full of 10’s? Deb helped me experience a lot of ‘light bulb’ moments and find my true self within. Thank you Deb, I am very grateful to have worked with you and I encourage others to explore the endless opportunities of the unknown by investing in themselves and giving life coaching a try.

Private Client – June 2014