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Love is the opposite or sadness or hate – the key is to start with loving yourself, yet most people don’t know how to.

Here are some tips:
1) Stop all criticism – all criticism of self and others. Criticism doesn’t change anything so learn to love yourself as you are!
2) Don’t scare yourself with terrorizing thoughts. Knock your damaging inner critic thoughts on the head. Don’t let them create a monster out of a small event!
3) Have compassion and patience for yourself and your journey. Your mind and life are like a garden. Nurture them to create the thoughts and experiences you wish to receive!
4) Acknowledge & praise yourself. Be present with the achievements you make , big or small they all count and you are worth acknowledging and celebrating. Criticism destroys your inner spirit and praise lifts you up! Try it and see the greatness you will attract into your life. You deserve it all!

5) Support – reach out and ask for it. Part of being strong is asking for support and receiving it with open arms. It’s a great opportunity to learn and receive.

6) Take care of your body. It’s the only one you have, it’s the house of your mind and soul. Exercise frequently, watch what you put in from a physical and mental perspective. These things all affect how we perceive ourselves and our life.

If learning to love yourself is something you would like to master, then feel free to get in touch. Working with the magic of healing and coaching are a formidable way to clear both sub-conscious and conscious blocks that hold you back.


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