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Hello everyone and welcome to my very first Blog! This puppy has been one of my goals since the end of 2016, and finally I have made it a reality. For a brief moment there, I had some very old beliefs creep in and a little voice inside my head saying, you can’t write a blog! No one cares what you have to say! What if they don’t like it? BUT and a very big BUT, I beat it. I chose to not let those thoughts and beliefs override my sense of knowing. Knowing that what I share will make people aware and give them some clarity and creative questioning on how or where they are currently operating. Even if only two people read it and only one person benefits from it, I have had a 50% strike rate and succeeded in changing someone’s life, outlook, belief or behavior.

So, how would you describe the difference between believing and knowing?

Carl Jung, one of the fathers of modern psychology, went to great lengths to make a clear distinction between believing and knowing. He pointed out that many of us live our lives based largely on the beliefs of others while the road to “individuation” or wholeness requires that we spend a lot more time in pursuit of our own knowing.

What does this mean?

Beliefs are something we have learnt or been told, inherited from family, friends, siblings, teachers, cultures, locations and more. We then go on to holding these strong and firm while allowing ourselves to live by them, most of the time, without question. A knowing, on the other hand, is something you have harvested from the wisdom of your experience or innately know through your deep sense of connection to self and intuition.

What’s my point?

If you are looking to transform who you are being and the results you are getting, the most advisable way to do this, in my opinion, is to go back and re-evaluate these beliefs that you have been living by and with for so long. Are they what’s holding you back? Or is it the voice inside your head saying you can’t do this or you won’t succeed at that? Either way it will be based on what we have learned growing up. From listening to all that goes on around us, we form our way of being, thinking, acting, behaving.

For example, for me, growing up in South Africa, I learnt to live in fear and insecurity. Not trusting, double checking locked doors, an uncomfortable awareness of people in my peripheral, alarms, walls and more. When I moved to New Zealand 15 years ago, I realized how paranoid I was and that this was how I learnt to live based on my upbringing, location and what I was taught. By looking within I was able to see how these old beliefs and behaviors could be changed to allow me to live with more freedom and no fear.

Now I would like to challenge you… what old beliefs or behaviors are you holding on to that are no longer serving you? And are you willing to let these go? I would love to encourage you to live more of your life in the now moment. Strive towards and celebrate your successes, listen to your intuition (your innate wisdom), still the voice inside your head and seek your knowledge and wisdom through each experience YOU have. In this way I guarantee you will learn a new way of being, gain greater clarity, peace and freedom and joy.

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