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Coaching & Mentoring

Mindset is the foundation of success.

Working with a mindset coach can help you stay in control of your thoughts and beliefs, as not everyone finds it simple or doable on their own.

Deb’s experience, training and her personal journey have paved the way for her to facilitate deep transformational sessions with her clients.

She can teach you the power of your subconscious mind, and how to rewire your brain and your conscious mind to a mindset that gives you the confidence and energy to be the best version of yourself.

Transform your life and unleash your brilliance with Deb’s blueprint for your success.

Awareness, Clarity and Freedom – Your Blueprint to Success


It starts with understanding who you are. Your Self.

You’ll learn the principles of the programme while investigating your life for the purpose of understanding how you came to be. The focus then is on introducing you to a range of tools that will enhance the way you ‘do life’.

Deb will uncover your brilliance, map out how you operate, and supply you with the resources you need to help you to continue to advance your learning well beyond these one-on-one sessions.


Once you have the knowledge of who you are and how you operate, you can break your defences and resolve the traumas of past beliefs and behaviours

Using these as building blocks or stepping stones, you can discover and radiate your true brilliance. Mastering the tools is all about liberation. Freeing you up element after element.

You’ll learn to work with your emotions and desires, activate your brilliance, which will make any task that seems daunting digestible. Exciting even!


You are now the master of your own emotions and happiness. You face each day of life’s journey with courage, confidence, and commitment.

Creating whatever you wish, with one proviso – the ultimate purpose of this journey is to enable the greatest expression of who you are to show up in the world.

The GeniusYou Strategy covers three levels to ensure you are rallied, championed, and understood:

  • It defines the elements that drive you.
  • It creates the tools that keep you on your mission
  • It develops the messages and way to interact with the world


With a new world view, more personal empowerment, purpose and connection, the life you have dreamed of is showing up right before your eyes.

You have unlimited access to living each day more powerfully, with more joy and greater results than ever before.

Intentional Life PlanYour guide to living an epic life!

Gain instant access to the exact process I walk my 1:1 clients through when creating their epic life?