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There is a lot of fluff out there around Mindset Coaching and Energy Healing, and the last thing you need from your coach is BS. Deb Griffiths keeps it real.

She is warm, approachable, and highly intuitive. With her guidance, you will learn to shift all doubts, toxic beliefs, and the habits that limit you to be your best self.

As a specialist in both healing and coaching, Deb takes a unique holistic approach. Her purpose is to uplift, empower and inspire others so they can reach their full potential in all areas of life.

What Some Of Our Clients Say


I am so grateful to Deb for the space that I am in both personally and professionally.

I started working with Deb doing personal coaching and this eventually also incorporated professional coaching as it became apparent that the two were merging.

Through Deb’s guidance I have had so many ‘aha’ moments, so much personal growth. My relationships feel more authentic now that I am able to be true to myself using the many tools that I learnt with Deb.

During my time with Deb I finally felt able to get back to what I love doing professionally, but more importantly I got back to loving me! If you are looking for an honest and authentic person to guide you, and bring out the true you, then I highly recommend Deb


Simona Ciabatti – Mt Maunganui February 2019


Working with Deb was life changing.

She helped me to dig deep and find what my real issues were so I could start my business work, from a clear slate in my personal life. The two areas are so intertwined, and I wasn’t able to move forward in my business life because I was stuck in some areas of my personal life.

We also worked on the “whole being”. Focusing on aspects of life from a personal perspective, the energy blocks, previous family history, and future goals. We looked at my business life too. Setting new goals to take my business to the next level.

She held me accountable, helped me with realistic steps to achieve those larger goals. Absolutely recommend working with her whether its personal, business, familial, or life in general!

Thank you Deb for everything!


Heidi Cocker – USA January 2019


If you are serious about finding your bliss, harnessing your potential and living your truth, then partnering with Deb for coaching is your one way ticket. When I had my free consultation with Deb I was in a grim place, I had been on the verge of having a breakdown for a few years and was feeling completely overwhelmed and grey. I was existing just to get through the day. After the free consulation I burst into tears of utter relief. I knew I had found the light at the end of the tunnel.

Deb was recommended to me by another holistic health professional and making the decision to partner with Deb for 6 months changed my life in ways that were unimaginable. I was accustomed to feeling I had an average, busy, not so great life and now I feel I have an extraordinary life, I am so in love with my life. I rediscovered the joy in my children, I fell in love with my husband again and I fell in love with myself. I have goals, I can manage my life efficiently and I have time back for me. I am excited about the future.

While working with Deb I discovered exactly what was holding me back and how to challenge and change it, permanently. I gained knowledge and accumulated tools that I will have forever. I cannot describe how essential the work that you will do with Deb is. Deb is an authentic, honest beautiful soul. Thank you so much Deb, I look forward to continuing our work into the future.


Tracy Kent – Wellington April 2018


It’s hard to put into words how different the mindset is now having completed my journey of coaching with Deb.

Although I will always be working on myself I can safely say Deb has given me some incredible tools to work with and every day I am noticing how much it has changed my life.

Previously I was stuck in a rut but couldn’t see that I was.  Now I have a different outlook on things even when the going gets tough I surprise myself with my optimism and positivity.

I am glad I faced my “demons” so to speak and now am in a better space and can be a better wife, mum, sister and daughter.”



Cheryl Comley – Wellington March 2018

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Working with Deb will give you confidence without boundaries. You will gain tangible strategies and the awareness, clarity, and freedom you deserve.

For success in business or your personal life, Deb can help you with both mindset and direction. She will challenge you, motivate you, and keep you accountable.

Online world wide or locally and internationally.

Your journey to transformation and success starts now

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